Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement

Interested in seeing what life in early Swan Hill was like? Plan at least a day to explore the unique Pioneer Settlement, where the good old days come to life right in front of your eyes.

Walking down the main street, it’s easy to picture yourself in a rural settlement more than 100 years ago, with immaculately preserved and restored buildings and memorabilia as the perfect backdrop.

Luckily for us, hidden in these 19th century buildings are the essential ingredients for today’s indulgences, such as coffee, cakes and ice cream. Immerse yourself fully in 19th century pioneer life.

Make sure you take time to stroll on the wharf and check out the PS Gem. The Gem is one of the most impressive passenger river paddlestreamers you will ever see. After exploring and travelling back in time, you can relax and watch the world go by at the refurbished Dumosa Hall? Here, Friends of the Pioneer Settlement are ready to cater for your needs.

As the day turns into night, the action does not stop. Make your way down to the banks of the Marraboor River where you will experience a display you will never forget: the Heartbeart of the Murray Laser Show.

Visit the Pioneer Settlement to find out more.