Discover Lake Tyrrell

Referred to as Sky Mirror, Lake Tyrell provides unique opportunities to view and photograph the most amazing sunrises and sunsets. Recognised as one of the most amazing spots in Australia to observe the stunning night sky, you will not be disappointed.

Guests at the park have traveled from all over the world for the chance to observe such beauty and leave with stunning photographic memories.

Visiting Lake Tyrrell

The perfect time to visit the lake is on a clear winter’s evening when you are able to observe the natural beauty of the reflections which dance on the lake to make it seem quite surreal.

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About Lake Tyrrell 

The scenery at Lake Tyrrell is unlike anything else. You need to experience it to believe it.  From breath taking sunrises and sunsets to the image of the clouds actually kissing the water, it is truly breathtaking.

The lake covers approximately 20,860 hectares making it Victoria’s largest inland salt lake and attracts tourists from all over the world. The lake is dry most of the year.

Only 70km from Swan Hill the lake is host to mallee reptiles, kangaroos, emus, white-faced chats and an inland gullery. The Indigenous Boorong people of Sea Lake were famous astronomers, using constellations to decipher seasons and tell dreamtime stories.

The ancient lake may have been formed by drifting sand blocking the passage of Tyrrell Creek. Over time it has became a giant salt basin due to the flow of subterranean saline water and the run-off from Tyrrell Lake.

Small islands in the lake are used as a breeding ground by thousands of seagulls. The saltbush and samphire around the lagoon support a range of wildlife while the lunette to the east contains significant Aboriginal relics.

Make sure you do not miss this natural beauty when visiting Swan Hill.